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Supporting local farmers is important to us.

Under the leadership of Chef Scott MacGregor, we are proud to say that the Appalachia Kitchen is a scratch kitchen. Everything is made in-house from scratch, such as our bread rolls, sauces, dressings, gravies, soups (including the stock) and desserts. Except for the gelato, everything is housemade. We also believe in buying the high- est quality products in creating our menu. We source our meats from small regional farms, often family-owned businesses that take pride in the quality and integrity of their farming. Our farms do not use hormones, steroids, or antibiotics; they feed a pesticide-free diet and are committed to the ethical treatment of animals. We pride our- selves in supporting small regional farmers and providing our guests with the freshest and most local flavor.

  • Wilfong Farms, Green Bank, WV

  • Appalachian Abattoir, Charleston, WV

  • Homegrown Harvest, Green Bank, WV

  • Mountain State Trout, Franklin, WV

  • High Country Creamery, Grantsville, MD

  • Frostmore Farms, Dunmore, WV

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